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In a world where urban living often meant compromising on space, two visionaries saw an opportunity to change the narrative.

13 Years
Since 2011
Turning Chaos
into Serenity
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  • Our Mission

    To create thoughtfully designed living spaces
    that make every family feel truly at home.

  • Our Vision

    To lead the evolution of living spaces, ensuring that every home touched by VM Modular radiates organization, peace, and the very essence of comfortable living.

  • The VM Story

    Started by Two Visionaries

    In a world where urban living often meant compromising on space, two visionaries saw an opportunity to change the narrative. A dynamic and astute business leader, Mr. Venu Gopal Reddy, often lamented the lack of organized space in his home. On the other hand, Mr. Raghu Ram, a seasoned industry professional, was well-versed in the layouts of Indian homes and how to maximise space given their limitations. Both of them yearned for something better – a solution that would make Indian homes smarter, the spaces therein more efficient, and most importantly, bring families closer using technology to their advantage.

  • Meet the Woodpecker

    The Emblem of VM Modular Craftsmanship

    Imagine a busy little woodpecker, tapping away with its beak, making perfect little homes in trees. This woodpecker is super special, just like a superhero from the Animal Kingdom! It's not just peck-peck-pecking randomly; it's creating amazing spaces that are just right for its family, with incredible care and skill. Now, think of this woodpecker with a VM Modular logo on it. That's because this little birdie is the mascot for our big idea!

    You see, at VM Modular, we have two superheroes of our own, Mr. Venu Gopal Reddy and Mr. Raghu Ram. They're like the woodpecker because they too make wonderful things with lots of love and care. They dream up super cool modular fittings that can change and grow, just like magic, to make everyone's home the best place to be—whether you're playing, working, or just chilling out.

    With VM Modular, your home becomes a super awesome playground, a quiet little nest, and a big warm hug, all rolled into one. And that's the story of how a tiny woodpecker inspired us to make your home the happiest place on Earth!

  • The VM Story

    13 years and counting...

    Their paths crossed, and VM Modular was born, with the vision to revolutionize the way people experience space in their homes.

An ISO 9001:2015
Certified Company

Thorough quality checking along with continual process improvement is the key to our high quality products. As an ISO 9001 certified organisation we adhere to international standards for all our processes and procedures. A dedicated quality control team ensures we deliver the best quality products.

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