How to Maintain a Clean and Organized Modular Kitchen?


Keeping your modular kitchen clean and organized is not just about appearances but efficiency and creating a stress-free cooking environment. Here’s how you can keep it neat effortlessly

1. Design with Efficiency in Mind

When setting up your modular kitchen, consider your daily routine. Place frequently used items within easy reach and store less frequently used ones in accessible yet out-of-the-way spaces.

2. Regular Decluttering Sessions

Make decluttering a weekly habit. Take time to sort through cabinets, drawers, and countertops. Dispose of expired foods, donate unused items, and return everything to its designated place.

3. Optimize Storage Solutions

Invest in modular kitchen fittings such as pull-out drawers, carousel units, and overhead racks to maximize storage space and accessibility. These solutions help keep your kitchen organized and reduce clutter.

4. Clean as You Go

After cooking, wash utensils promptly, wipe down countertops, and sweep the floor. This prevents grease and food particles from accumulating, making deep cleaning sessions quicker and easier.

5. Use Smart Organizers

Utilize drawer dividers, spice racks, and clear containers to keep similar items together and easily accessible. Label shelves, drawers, and containers to maintain order and ensure everything has its place.

Cutlery Organizer

Cutlery units are designed to keep your utensils organized by size and easy to reach. They help you find what you need quickly and keep your kitchen tidy.

Stainless Steel:

  • Description: It can be taken out from the tray individually, used as a tray for spoons while cooking, and washable.
  • Organizing Tip: Keep your cutlery sorted and easily accessible while cooking, making it simple     to grab what you need and ensuring quick clean-up.

PVC Based:

  • Description:  Durable and lightweight.
  • Organizing Tip: This is Ideal for organizing cutlery in a lightweight and cost-effective way, ensuring everything has its place.

Corner Units

Space in the corners, especially in L and U-shaped kitchens, is often wasted because it's hard to reach. To make sure every inch of your kitchen is used well, we use corner units.

Simple: D Tray:

  • Description: Less space utilization holds up to 15 kg.
  • Organizing Tip: Perfect for small kitchens, this unit helps maximize corner space without overwhelming the area.

Medium: S Corner (Swing Tray)

  • Description: More occupation, up to 35 kgs.
  • Organizing Tip: This swing tray allows easy access to corner space, accommodating heavier items     and making use of previously hard-to-reach areas.

High Utilization: Magic Corner (Hafele Corflex):

  • Description: Complete space utilization, premium quality.
  • Organizing Tip: The ultimate solution for corner storage, utilizing the entire space efficiently and providing a premium look and feel.


Drawers by Hettich - VM Modular


  • Description:     Supports up to 30 kgs, Hettich - Innotech hardware.
  • Organizing Tip:     Basic but sturdy, perfect for everyday kitchen items, keeping them     organized and easy to reach.


  • Description:     Supports up to 40 kgs, Hafele Matrixbox.
  • Organizing Tip:     Provides more storage capacity for heavier items, ensuring smooth     operation and durability.

Luxury & High Strength:

  • Description: Supports up to 70 kgs, Blum Legrabox.
  • Organizing Tip: Ideal for high-end kitchens, offering luxurious storage with maximum weight capacity and a sleek design.

Bottle Pull-outs / Spice Pull-outs

Spice rack or pullout by Hettich - VM Modular

Spice pull-outs and bottle pull-outs are quite similar. Size and space usage are the primary factors that set them apart. This makes each type more suitable for storing specific items efficiently.

  • Description: Two-tier (can store tall items) / three-tier (can store more small-sized     bottles/items).
  • Organizing Tip:  These pull-outs keep your bottles and spices organized and accessible, preventing clutter and making it easy to access and find what you need     while cooking.

Pull Down Shelves

Pull down shelves - imove by kessebohmer - vmmodular

Pull-down shelves are great for making highcabinets easier to use. You can pull the shelf effortlessly downwards and reach comfortably without the hustle. It's a handy way to keep things organized andaccessible.

  • Description:     Single & Double - iMove Kessebohmer.
  • Organizing Tip:     Ideal for high shelves, these pull-down shelves bring items to you, making     storage accessible and convenient.

Roller Shutter

Rolling shutter VM Modular

Roller shutters help organize by providing a sleek way to hide and protect items in cabinets. You can roll up to access items conveniently, ensuring a clean and organized kitchen or storage area. Unlike traditional shutter doors, roller shutters allow you to keep the cabinet open while easily walking in front of it.

  • Description: We use Rehau or Hafele.
  • Organizing Tip:  Great for covering and organizing cabinets, these shutters provide a clean     look and easy access to stored items.


  • Description:  Lightweight and durable.
  • Organizing Tip: Offers a cost-effective solution for keeping cabinets tidy and accessible.


  • Description:  Sturdy and stylish.
  • Organizing Tip: Adds a modern touch to your kitchen while providing robust storage solutions.


  • Description:  Elegant and transparent.
  • Organizing Tip:   Allows you to see what's stored inside while keeping dust out, adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

Using these products will help keep your modular kitchen clean, organized, and efficient, making your cooking experience more enjoyable.

6. Schedule Deep Cleaning

Set aside time each month for a thorough cleaning session. Focus on appliances, tile grout, and stainless-steel surfaces. Don’t forget to clean the exhaust fan and replace filters as needed.

7. Maintain Proper Ventilation

Use exhaust fans or chimneys while cooking to reduce odors and grease buildup. Open windows periodically to let fresh air circulate and maintain a pleasant cooking environment.

8. Invest in Quality Cleaning Supplies

Choose non-toxic cleaning agents suitable for different surfaces in your kitchen. Keep microfiber cloths handy for wiping countertops and stainless-steel surfaces without streaks.

9. Adopt a No-Clutter Policy

Keep countertops clear of unnecessary items. Store appliances and tools you use daily and designate specific areas for each item to maintain an organized workspace.

By following these steps and utilizing effective organizational tools, you’ll create a functional and enjoyable modular kitchen. With a little effort and consistency, maintaining cleanliness and organization will become second nature, enhancing your cooking experience and overall kitchen efficiency.

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